About Us?

Welcome to Maximum Precise Machining Ltd., a full-service shop for general precision and CNC Machining. We produce high-quality Tool and Die, Custom parts, Assemblies, jigs and fixtures according to customer specifications.

Our level of precision allows us to meet and exceed the demanding tolerances and complex specifications we meet in our client’s part designs. With our focus and dedication to unparalleled precision and quality, we are able to produce high quality parts for a wide spectrum of industries and sectors.

We at Maximum Precise Machining are always looking to foster and build long-term business relationships with our customers by combining three cornerstone elements into our business: on-time delivery, high quality machined parts, and competitive prices.

Our goal is to meet and exceed our client’s expectations and ensure their satisfaction in today’s highly competitive and demanding manufacturing environment. If you are looking for a solution that requires high quality CNC Machining – you have found it. Call us now and get a quote for your project.

Our customers choose us because we deliver measurable quality, value, and results. We deliver customer satisfaction by:

• Focusing on building relationships first before building business cases
• Bringing a wealth of industry experience and best practice
• Listening to our customers and thoroughly understanding their unique challenges/problems
• Engaging with our customers to develop a solution that satisfies their specific needs and constraints
• Delivering measurable value and quality by benchmarking against customer requirements, competitors, and industry standard
• Communicating with our customers to proactively mitigate risk and challenges Investing in technology and innovation to continuously improve and pass along cost savings to our customers
• Aligning our long-term success with our customers’ success